Where to buy Moon Nation Game: all-time high and 1,000% weekly gains for MNG

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MNG is the autochthonal token of Moon Nation Game, a abstraction exploration role-playing crippled (RPG) built connected the Binance Smart Chain.

Moon Nation Game is the latest blockchain-based crippled to bask a important terms rally. The RPG, which is acceptable successful space, is built connected the Binance Smart Chain and implements NFTs and cryptocurrency mechanics to assistance players bask greater ownership implicit their in-game items and characters.

This nonfiction volition analyse the Moon Nation Game project, arsenic good arsenic showing you however and wherever to bargain MNG tokens.

How & wherever to bargain Moon Nation Game successful the UK and elsewhere

MNG is 1 of the astir fashionable coins connected the marketplace close present and tin beryllium obtained from galore brokers and exchanges. To commencement investing successful the astir fashionable coins today, each you person to bash is articulation 1 of our recommended platforms beneath and marque a deposit. As soon arsenic your relationship has been funded, you tin commencement trading.

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What is Moon Nation Game?

Moon Nation Game is simply a abstraction exploration role-playing crippled (RPG) wherever players tin find caller planets, research uncharted corners of heavy space, hunt down uncommon weapons and spacecraft, and combat alien enemies—all connected the blockchain.

NFTs let players to genuinely ain their in-game items and the MNG currency volition beryllium the motor of the game, allowing for in-game commerce arsenic good arsenic helping to beforehand the crippled with clever tokenomics.

The game, which is led by CEO Ben Todar, volition motorboat its beta mentation successful the last 4th of 2021. The task officially began successful May of this twelvemonth and has already conducted a palmy archetypal token sale. MNG besides has progressive liquidity pools connected the decentralised speech PancakeSwap.

Should I bargain MNG today?

The MNG token has been 1 of the standout performers successful the cryptocurrency marketplace this week, with BSC-based games typically being immoderate of the lone tokens to thrive successful an different struggling market.

MNG 7-day chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Weekly gains of 1,076% are surely thing to scoff at, and are highly awesome adjacent by the standards of the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. These gains are besides taxable to progressively beardown upward momentum, with MNG charting a 196% successful the past 24 hours alone.

The aggravated terms surge being experienced by MNG close now, coupled with the hype astir NFT-based and blockchain-based games, perchance makes MNG a contender for the champion short-term crypto concern astatine the moment.

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