When Gene Simmons isn't performing with KISS, you can find him painting

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(CNN)Gene Simmons is getting superior astir art.

And we're not talking astir his music.

The co-founder of KISS spoke to CNN astir however helium began coating during the Covid-19 pandemic arsenic a hobby to decompress, and, now, he's really selling his artwork.

    "My household and I were up successful Whistler self-quarantining and staying distant from radical and I went into a warehouse and I've ever doodled each my beingness since I was a kid and I ne'er painted earlier and I wanted to spot what would happen. So without qualification, resume oregon experience, I ordered paints, canvases, immense ones ... and conscionable went to town, ne'er reasoning anybody would similar it oregon or adjacent care."

      An representation  of a coating  by Gene Simmons.

      It turns retired that this was much than conscionable a hobby. Simmons held his archetypal creation amusement astatine the Animazing Gallery astatine the Venetian successful Las Vegas this period and volition beryllium making appearances astatine the venue this weekend.

      KISS, which was formed successful 1973, has a Las Vegas residency and the radical volition beryllium performing connected New Year's Eve. Simmons, who precocious recovered from Covid-19, says the determination to execute again has not been easy.

        "We we ever accent that radical should beryllium wearing masks and get vaccinated. But you tin lone pb a equine to water. So acold antithetic states person antithetic rules ... I person an ethical problem, you know, with the thought of it," Simmons said.

        Gene Simmons performing with KISS successful  2020.

        "I was vaccinated doubly and I person to archer you, my manus to God, I felt nothing," Simmons said of his acquisition with Covid and the information vaccines provide. "Out of respect for everybody astir me, loved ones and truthful connected and fans, I've aforesaid quarantined myself for 2 weeks, which is what you're expected to bash due to the fact that it ain't astir you, it's astir them.

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