What are the advantages of pursuing the Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification from DASCA?

What are the advantages of pursuing the Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification from DASCA?

Data science is an exponentially growing field in the current world. Today several industries are reaping some great benefits from data science. This resulted in the high demand for data professionals who possess data scientist skills to solve the problems related to data and boost the business to achieve success. 

According to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings, as said that the demand for data science experts is expected to grow 19 percent over the next 10 years. This also resulted in the huge demand for senior data scientists, someone who is clearly involved in overseeing and sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise with other mid-level and junior-level data scientists. A senior data scientist is also in charge of directing the flow of data, researching, creating, maintaining, and enhancing the new data-related software, projects, as well as programs. 

If you are planning to be a senior data scientist, then Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification from Data Science Council of America (DASCA) plays a crucial role to achieve your career goals. 

In this article, let’s dive deeper and understand about SDS™, reasons and advantages of pursuing this data scientist certification from DASCA. 

All about Senior Data Scientist Certification 

Mastering the field of data science requires good knowledge and skills that can be attained by doing a certification, which will also help to accelerate the career. One such certification is SDS™ from DASCA that offers the world’s most powerful third-party, vendor-neutral certification designed for data science and analytics professionals. With this certification program, one can accelerate their career in the growing field of data science.  

SDS™ gives a better understanding and working with the major core concepts that are required for analyzing big data. This certification is proof that a person has taken a crucial step in excelling in data science. The skills and knowledge one can get by doing this certification will set them ahead of the competition.  

SDS™ certification holders demonstrate the expertise to work across several different industries and organizations at any phase of their careers. This certification acts as clear evidence that an aspiring individual possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver valuable insights and drive data-related initiatives in the job role. 

To earn the senior data scientist certification, one must exhibit their talent for identifying opportunities to succeed in the following areas: 

  • Matching managerial performance with better usage of big data 
  • Quickly applying data strategies for multiple departments 
  • Facing and well-managing any challenges posed by legacy systems 
  • Creating an ideal blend of technologies, tools, teams, and models 
  • Using data to understand the future challenges and offer a competitive advantage for the growth of an organization 

DASCA also provides preparation kit for the online exam to all the registered applicants without any extra costs, which has been developed around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™), for an effective preparation for the SDS™ exam. The fees is one-time 775 USD (All-Inclusive), which covers the SDS™ exam, credential kit, digital badge, standard exam preparation resources (data science handbooks 1 & 2), shipping of materials. Apart from this, there is digital access, and the hosting cost of third-party optional study resources are also included in the fee package wherever applicable.  

Advantages of Senior Data Scientist Certification 

The SDS™ offers a comprehensive overview of the 4IR technology trends and an evolved understanding of the intersections of data science with different streams of computer science, engineering, business and industry.  

  • SDS™ demonstrates big data professionals as globally recognized credential holders who possess commendable knowledge in data science 
  • Mitigates the shortage related to data scientist skills and improves the likelihood of receiving interview invitations from potential employers 
  • Gives better networking opportunities across varied industries 
  • Provides data professionals with a well-balanced curriculum grouped across 7 technical sections covering all prescribed SDS™ exam areas  
  • Targets to develop a strong generic anrod cross-platform understanding of the concepts, tools, and technologies of processing, management, and security infrastructure that are required in managing huge volumes of streaming data 

Top Reasons to choose Senior Data Scientist Certification 

A career in data science is lucrative. Professionals who want to take their career to the next level are highly recommended to do at least one data scientist certification. Several recruitment professionals and hiring managers are always on the look-out for specialists who possess expert knowledge.  

  • To gain an edge in the current competitive 

In the current cut-throat competitive world, securing the leading position and setting apart becomes quite crucial. SDS™ certification will offer an individual a competitive edge over others. The employers will view the certification holder as an individual with sound data processing abilities. They will consider you over others as they will be confident in your job. You will be regarded as a valuable addition to the organization. 

  • Globally Accepted with Industry Recognition  

The senior data scientist certification is globally accepted with recognized by several industries. This credential is offered as a testament to a candidate’s improved knowledge and skills. The candidates can learn the basics and advanced concepts of data science that helps them design, develop, store, and analyze data systems. This credential acts as a perfect testimony to the technical expertise which one gains in the field. 

  • Enhancement of Knowledge and Skills 

Choosing the SDS™ certification lets you add more and new knowledge and enhanced skills to your profile. This certification teaches advanced methodologies of data ingestion, data processing, data visualization, data analysis, business intelligence, machine learning, and several more concepts. Contributes to the development of a strong data ownership and governance framework by creating data management infrastructure within organizations. 

To conclude… 

Receiving your data scientist certification will help you to advance in your career quickly. Due to the rapid evolution, data scientists are required to upgrade their knowledge, upscale their skills, learn new tools. The certification tremendously improves the candidates chances to get hired and makes them more marketable to potential employers.