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If you usage a batch of web applications, you mightiness admit this Linux browser that was designed specifically for that purpose. Jack Wallen shows you however to instal and usage Tangram.


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When I'm connected the go, I request everything to enactment arsenic efficiently arsenic possible. And though you mightiness beryllium thinking, "But a web browser is arsenic businesslike arsenic it gets, right?" That depends connected what task you're doing and what tract you're moving with.

This is particularly truthful successful the modern property of web applications and with perpetually on-the-move staff. Instead of ever having a full-blown, kitchen-sink-type web browser, sometimes we request thing a spot much stripped-down, a instrumentality that is geared toward 1 happening and 1 happening only—web applications.

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I beryllium connected web applications for a batch of the enactment I do, and I'd alternatively usage them successful a dedicated browser. For the longest time, I'd usage Chrome and prevention those sites arsenic dedicated app windows. But Chrome is Chrome (and volition ever beryllium Chrome), which means I can't ever beryllium connected it to not gobble up strategy resources oregon walk on accusation to galore third-party entities. 

That's why, erstwhile Tangram was released, I was each implicit it. Tangram is simply a web browser created specifically for moving web applications. That's each it does. In fact, utilizing Tangram arsenic your web app-specific browser makes truthful overmuch consciousness (once you commencement utilizing it). Tangram makes it imaginable for you to prevention each those web exertion URLs successful a convenient sidebar, truthful you tin unfastened the exertion and rapidly log into the web app you need. It's fast, it's simple, it's reliable and it's open-source.

The diagnostic database of Tangram is abbreviated (because it has specified a constrictive focus) and includes:

  • Saved tabs tin beryllium re-ordered successful the sidebar (which tin beryllium moved to a apical bar).
  • Add immoderate website oregon work arsenic a web application.
  • Built-in idiosyncratic cause switcher.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Persistent, autarkic tabs.
  • Custom title
  • Smart notifications
  • Downloads

And that's it. But what much bash you need? 

Let's instal Tangram. It's lone disposable for the Linux operating strategy and lone installable via Flatpak oregon from the Arch User Repository (AUR). I'm going to show the installation connected Pop!_OS Linux, but the installation volition beryllium the aforesaid connected immoderate Flatpak-supporting Linux distribution.

Let's get Tangram installed.

How to instal Tangram

Installing with Flatpak is incredibly simple. Log into your Linux desktop and unfastened a terminal window. In the terminal, contented the command:

flatpak instal flathub re.sonny.Tangram

You volition beryllium prompted to proceed with the installation (Figure A).

Figure A


Approving the installation of Tangram connected Pop!_OS Linux.

Once the installation is complete, find Tangram successful your desktop paper and motorboat it.

How to usage Tangram

If you've utilized a web browser, you tin usage Tangram. Open the recently installed app and you'll beryllium greeted by the bare-bones browser (Figure B).

Figure B


The main Tangram model is arsenic basal arsenic it gets.

Type a URL into the code barroom and deed enter. Let's conscionable say, for example, you privation to adhd the TechRepublic tract arsenic a web app successful Tangram (although it's not really a web application). Go to and deed Enter. After the leafage loads, click Done (Figure C).

Figure C


The TechRepublic tract loaded into Tangram.

When prompted (Figure D), springiness the introduction a sanction and (if necessary) alteration the User-Agent. Click Add and the tract volition beryllium saved to the Tangram sidebar.

Figure D


Giving the caller tract a sanction successful Tangram.

Once you've saved each the sites you request successful the sidebar (Figure E), it's conscionable a substance of clicking 1 (in the broadside bar) to usage it.

Figure E


A fewer sites were added to Tangram arsenic an example.

The caveat

You knew it was coming due to the fact that each exertion and work connected the satellite has a caveat. Some sites simply won't enactment with Tangram. From my acquisition truthful far, those sites are fewer and acold between. One tract that perfectly volition not enactment is Zencastr, which happens to beryllium a work that runs connected precise fewer browsers to statesman with, truthful it should travel arsenic nary astonishment it won't enactment with Tangram. So, if you person a tract you usage that is finicky astir which browser it volition load on, springiness it a trial connected Tangram to spot if it'll load. You mightiness beryllium surprised.

Outside of that 1 caveat, Tangram is simply a fantastic mode to marque your on-the-go web app usage a spot much businesslike and organized.

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