The Different Types of PR Newswire Services

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The Different Types of PR Newswire Services

Press Release is a vital part of the business. It can help you build your brand, increase awareness, and generate leads. But what do you need to know about the different types of PR Newswire services Here's a quick rundown:

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is the most popular press release distribution service. They have over 1,000 clients and more than 70 million unique visitors per month.

PR Newswire  also has more than 60,000 journalists in their database that can receive your press release right away when you send them one through their email marketing platform or website.


Cision is a global news wire service that provides cision newswire services to over 100 countries. It's one of the most popular PR Newswire providers, and it has been around since 2005. This means they've had plenty of time to develop their own unique features and functionality.

Cision’s main feature is its platform, which allows you to access all of your company's news releases in one place—and then share them with anyone you want via their social media platforms or email list! This makes sharing much easier than it was before Cision came along, especially if there are multiple people involved (like an executive team).

EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is a global news wire service that has a strong presence in the US, Europe and Asia. It’s known for its speed and accuracy.

Ein Presswire is used by many news outlets as they seek to diversify their coverage of breaking stories by reaching an audience beyond their local markets through EIN Presswire.

These companies all provide useful services.

PR Newswire is the largest and most well-known News wire services. They have a good reputation, but they're not the only game in town. EIN Presswire is a smaller company that offers some of the same services as PR Newswire, but with fewer features and lower prices. Cision has been around since 2004 and provides a variety of different types of press releases including those with photos or videos attached to them (called "multimedia" releases).


We’ve covered a lot of ground here today, from the basic differences between prnewswire and Cision to the specific services each provider offers. We hope you feel more informed about what type of service is right for your business, and we wish you all the best in your search for a reliable printing partner!

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