Stephen Amell says he 'had too many drinks' before being asked to leave flight

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(CNN)"Arrow" histrion Stephen Amell says helium feels "deeply ashamed" astir his behaviour aboard a formation successful June, earlier which helium "had excessively galore drinks."

Amell was asked to permission the formation earlier it departed aft a nationalist statement with his wife, Cassandra Jean, the histrion recalled connected an occurrence of Michael Rosenbaum's podcast "Inside of You."

"What happened was -- and it's very, precise elemental -- I had excessively galore drinks, and I had excessively galore drinks successful a nationalist place. And I got connected a plane," helium said.

    He continued: "I was pissed disconnected astir thing other that had thing to bash with Cass, my wife, and I picked a fight. I picked a combat due to the fact that I wanted to beryllium large and upset. And it was a fight, arsenic successful like, it was not an argument. In bid to person an argument, 2 radical person to beryllium talking. My woman said 1 happening the full time, which was, 'If you don't little your voice, they're going to inquire you to get disconnected the plane.' That's the lone happening she said the full time."

      Arnell added connected the podcast, "It's really, truly shameful."

        "And it makes you benignant of look successful the mirror. And I conscionable realized a mates of things: if radical are going to admit you, don't needfully portion successful a nationalist place, but much importantly, don't portion successful a nationalist spot if you can't grip your s---."

        Amell and Jean, an America's Next Top Model alum, were joined successful December 2012.

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