Shot putter disqualified after winning gold medal

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Malaysian changeable putter Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli appeared to person won golden successful the changeable enactment successful the F20 class. But aft the triumph connected Tuesday, helium was disqualified due to the fact that helium had shown up precocious for the competition.

International Paralympic Committee spokesperson Craig Spence said Zolkefli and 2 others — who did not scope the podium — were allowed to vie nether protestation aft they failed to look connected clip for the event.

"They were late, they whitethorn person had a logical crushed for being late, and truthful we allowed them to vie and look astatine the facts of the substance afterward," Spence said.

Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli. (Getty)

A connection from World Para Athletics, which governs way and tract for Para sports, said a referee had determined aft the lawsuit that "there was nary justifiable crushed for the athletes' nonaccomplishment to report" connected time. It said an entreaty was besides turned down.

The disqualification bumped Maksym Koval of Ukraine up to gold, and Ukraine teammate Oleksandr Yarovyi took silver. Bronze went to Efstratios Nikolaidis of Greece.

Spence said the disqualification was met with choler connected societal media. He described it arsenic "very abusive." Much of it targeted the Ukrainians.

"We are present seeing comments connected each our societal media posts that person thing to bash with the men's changeable enactment F20 event," Spence said. He said the Ukrainian Paralympic Committee "was getting a batch of maltreatment from Malaysians."

"I'm sorry. Rules are rules," Spence said. "The determination was taken. It wasn't the Ukrainians responsibility that the Malaysian was late."

Spence said the 3 had arrived 3 minutes late. He said helium did not spot this arsenic a harsh penalty. "Others get determination 5 minutes early," helium said.

Spence said an excuse fixed was that the Malaysian and the 2 others said they "didn't perceive the announcement oregon it was successful a language" they did not understand.

The F20 people successful changeable enactment is for athletes with intelligence disabilities.

The Associated Press attempted to scope the Malaysian delegation done an email code provided by IPC officials. There was nary contiguous effect connected Wednesday.

Early successful 2019, the IPC stripped Malaysia of the World Para Swimming Championships for being unwilling to warrant that Israeli athletes could compete.

Spence said the absorption past was similar.

"The level of maltreatment that was directed astatine the IPC past was done the roof," Spence said.

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