Ron Johnson Trashes Trump In Undercover Video And Admits Wisconsin Election Was Legit

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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) admitted that Donald Trump legitimately mislaid Wisconsin and explained that Republicans turned the authorities blue.

Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Trump For Losing Wisconsin In Undercover Video.


EXCLUSIVE: Sen Ron Johnson blames Trump for losing Wisconsin successful 2020 and tells maine “there’s thing evidently skewed astir the results.”


Sen. Johnson was speaking to an uncover newsman erstwhile helium said that 51,000 successful Wisconsin didn’t ballot for Trump but voted for different Republican candidates. Johnson said, “There’s evidently thing skewed astir the results.”

Johnson continued, “Collectively, Republicans got 1.661 cardinal votes. 51,000 much votes than Trump got. Trump mislaid by 20,000. If Trump got each the Republicans who voted for the assembly candidates, helium would person won.”

Johnson besides admitted successful a December 2020 telephone telephone with Wisconsin region Republican seat that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, but it would beryllium vocation termination to transverse Trump and his large lie.

Republicans cognize that the large prevarication is BS, and Donald Trump mislaid a morganatic election, but they won’t telephone it retired due to the fact that doing truthful would virtually extremity their governmental careers.

The constituent that they miss is that individually they would look backlash for calling retired the large lie, but if the enactment itself had collectively taken a basal for ideology and fixed Trump the boot, they would not beryllium successful the presumption that they are successful today.

Ron Johnson sounded similar a antithetic quality being successful this video.

Republicans similar Johnson are knowingly destroying ideology due to the fact that they are putting self-interest up of the country.

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