Return to the office slows as fewer people come in even once a week

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Robin's August study finds adjacent workers successful government, hospitality and operation spent little clip successful the office.


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The employee bounce rate went up somewhat successful August and the fig of radical coming into the bureau 3 oregon 4 times a week dropped to nether 10%, according to data collected by Robin.

The bundle institution analyzed information from its bureau preservation strategy to spot what the instrumentality to bureau looks similar astir the world. Numbers went up successful May and June but summertime vacations and the delta variant look to person stopped that upward trend. 

Robin defines the bounce complaint astatine the percent of employees coming into the bureau erstwhile and not returning for the remainder of the month. That fig was 19% successful August, up 1.5% from July. Even successful industries that led the mode backmost to moving successful person, including construction, hospitality and government, mislaid ground, going from astir 7 days of in-office enactment per period to little than six successful August, according to the analysis.

The study besides recovered that planetary league country bookings dropped 1% successful August, the archetypal diminution since March. The blog station announcing the findings noted that this matches with humanities trends for the period of August. 

RTO trends successful the US

In July, Robin's investigation recovered that companies successful 5 large US cities were bringing much radical backmost to in-person work. The August investigation showed that the inclination is rolling retired differently. Los Angeles is seeing an summation successful workers returning to the bureau but San Francisco and New York did not. Numbers remained the aforesaid successful Boston from July to August. 

The information investigation besides looked astatine the RTO inclination wrong industries. Retail, media and telecom, and authorities offices continued to spot much radical backmost successful the office. However, acquisition and operation some had a large dip successful the fig of in-person workers. Both operation and acquisition were starring the return-to-office complaint successful July, which shows however rapidly the scenery tin change, according to Robin.

The different origin for employers and employees is the caller vaccine request that applies to companies with much than 100 employees. Organizations present request systems to verify vaccination status. Vendors are stepping successful with bundle solutions to negociate this task. Hot desking is different scheduling challenge. Envoy and Robin are 2 companies taking connected this challenge.

As portion of the RTO report, Robin besides announced caller features for its Office Pass software, including:

  • Office check-ins via propulsion notification, Slack/Teams, oregon QR code. 
  • Abandoned Desk Protection that releases immoderate workspace that has been booked but not claimed.
  • A favorites presumption truthful users tin spot which colleagues are successful the bureau astatine a fixed time.
  • Group reservations for teams.
  • The quality to set occupancy rates and idiosyncratic worker bureau entree to bespeak updated wellness and information requirements.

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