'Prison': Detained star blasts hotel treatment

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Czech tennis subordinate Renata Voracova says she feels similar she's being held "a spot similar successful prison" aft becoming the 2nd subordinate detained by Australian Border Force officials.

After satellite No.1 Novak Djokovic was caught up successful a highly publicised quality surrounding his entry into Australia, Voracova past nighttime became the 2nd subordinate barred from entering the country.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to Wide World of Sports past nighttime that 38-year-old Voracova was being held astatine the aforesaid Melbourne migration detention edifice arsenic Djokovic.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it's believed Voracova, who is unvaccinated, had entered Australia with a vaccine exemption connected the ground she had been infected with COVID-19 successful the past six months, the aforesaid reasoning utilized successful Djokovic's application.

Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic plays a forehand. (Getty)

"I'm successful a country and I can't spell anywhere," Voracova told Czech dailies DNES and Sport.

"My model is unopen tight, I can't unfastened it 5 centimetres.

"And determination are guards everywhere, adjacent nether the window, which is rather funny. Maybe they thought I would leap and tally away.

"They bring maine nutrient and there's a defender successful the corridor. You person to report, everything is rationed. I consciousness a spot similar successful prison."

Voracova, who erstwhile was ranked No.29 successful the WTA doubles rankings, was fto into the state initially and adjacent featured successful a doubles lucifer connected Wednesday during a Melbourne lead-up event.

"The national officials fto maine successful immediately. I was held astatine the Victoria authorities checkpoint arsenic they sent my papers somewhere, but past they confirmed I was escaped to participate without problems," she said.

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"I don't recognize wherefore they would travel to maine aft a week and say, look, the rules that applied bash not use anymore."

While Djokovic is continuing his combat to beryllium granted introduction into Australia, Voracova said she supported the Serbian prima but declared she plans to caput backmost home.

"I would person to inquire for different visa and hold for a week, locked up successful a hotel, without training... it doesn't marque sense," she said.

"So I'm waiting for a licence (to leave), connected Saturday perhaps.

"I would similar them to fto him (Djokovic) play.

"We are athletes, we person travel present to play tennis and not to woody with disputes down the scenes."

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