Playground Games Co-Founder Leaving Forza Horizon 5 Studio After 12 Years

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Studio director and co-founder of Playground Games, Gavin Raeburn, has revealed that he’s leaving the company. 

First reported by Windows Central, he has revealed that aft co-founding and moving astatine Playground for 12 years, he’s retiring from the racetrack. This quality comes 2 months aft the workplace enactment retired its astir palmy rubric yet successful Forza Horizon 5, which astatine the clip of its release, besides had the biggest motorboat of immoderate Xbox Game Studios crippled ever

“After 12 years moving connected 5 award-winning Forza Horizon games, Gavin Raeburn is leaving Playground Games arsenic workplace director,” Turn 10 Studio Head and Forza franchise lead Alan Hartman told Windows Central. “A founding subordinate of Playground Games, we convey Gav for his enactment and contributions to the Forza franchise and privation him each the best.” 

Hartman said different Playground co-founder, Trevor Williams, volition modulation from General Manager to Studio Head effectual immediately, replacing Raeburn. He besides said the workplace volition proceed to absorption connected updates to Forza Horizon 5 and the ongoing improvement of its Fable reboot, which was officially announced successful 2020

As noted by Windows Central, Raeburn has rather the history successful the racing genre, having worked connected Codemasters’ TOCA series, Dirt, and Grid. He near Codemasters successful 2009 to make Playground Games, which was acquired by Microsoft successful 2018

There’s nary connection connected what’s adjacent for Raeburn oregon if he’s adjacent staying successful games. 

For much astir Forza Horizon 5, cheque retired our thoughts connected it successful Game Informer’s Forza Horizon 5 review, and past work astir wherefore it’s connected Game Informer’s Top 10 Xbox Series X games list. Check retired this caller Xbox and OPI nail polish collaboration that unlocks a unsocial Forza Horizon 5 car wrap aft that. 

[Source: Windows Central]

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