Olympics 2021: More coverage than ever, no fans, and a lot of different ways to watch

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(CNN)The Olympics volition spell connected without the roar of in-person crowds, portion offering a dizzying assortment of events via not lone NBC and its sister cablegram networks but dedicated tract NBCOlympics.com and the company's caller streaming platform, Peacock.

Peacock's 2020 motorboat was really intended to coincide with the Olympics, which were postponed owed to the coronavirus pandemic. While the streaming work volition play a large relation successful Comcast-owned NBC Sports sum of the Tokyo Games, proceeding with the contention won't mean getting backmost to normal.

NBC has enactment the champion look connected what seasoned broadcaster Bob Costas called "a hellhole of a challenge," noting that it ever understood the anticipation of a crowd-free Games. Wrinkles designed to capable that void volition see enhanced dependable plan and integrating ticker parties successful the US successful summation to remotely connecting athletes with their families.

    Still, arsenic the Associated Press noted, "The magnitude of Covid's shadiness is hard to predict." Some athletes having already experienced affirmative trial results -- US tennis prima Coco Gauff withdrew for that reason -- a interest that volition loom implicit the 16-day event.

      In a league telephone earlier this month, Olympics enforcement shaper Molly Solomon said the sum would "bring the spectator person to the athlete's acquisition present successful Tokyo than ever before."

      The sheer measurement of programming -- opening with the opening ceremonies connected July 23 and concluding Aug. 8 -- volition beryllium dizzying and according to NBC, unprecedented. The accent connected unrecorded sum volition besides for the archetypal clip see the opening ceremony, which owed to the clip quality volition beryllium broadcast successful the greeting successful the US, featuring endowment from NBC's "Today" show, and repeated aboriginal successful the day.

      In linear form, sum volition spill crossed NBC and 8 different Comcast-owned cablegram channels, including USA, CNBC, NBC Sports Network and Telemundo. The paper volition full much than 7,000 hours encompassing 35 sports, with NBC serving arsenic the location for highlights and apical events.

      As usual, NBC's primetime sum volition beryllium heavy packaged and tilted toward accepted favorites among viewers, specified arsenic gymnastics, diving and way and field. Both the men's and women's hoops gold-medal games volition besides aerial successful primetime (a archetypal for the latter) connected Aug. 6 and Aug. 7, respectively.

      In presumption of extended coverage, sports volition beryllium assigned to antithetic channels, with basketball, for example, connected CNBC. Peacock volition connection a artifact of unrecorded sum each morning, including way and tract and gymnastics. Some sports volition statesman anterior to the opening ceremony, specified arsenic women's soccer, with the US-Sweden crippled to aerial July 21 connected USA.

      Baseball and softball are besides returning to the Olympics this year, with skateboarding, karate, athletics climbing and surfing among the caller sports. A regular breakdown of sum is disposable astatine Olympics.nbcsports.com.

      Those without cablegram tin inactive entree the Games done the aforementioned streaming options, the NBC Sports app oregon assorted subscription services that connection live-TV options, including Hulu, YouTube and CNN genitor AT&T.

        Certain providers are besides promoting the availability of Olympic broadcasts successful Ultra HD, providing enhanced high-resolution representation quality.

        NBC's semipermanent declaration to transportation the Games runs done 2032, with a $7.75-billion terms tag for its astir caller woody with the International Olympic Committee.

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