Lyon not keen on proving himself to Blues brass

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Ross Lyon has suggested helium is not funny successful embarking connected a rigourous process to beryllium his credentials for the Carlton coaching job, declaring "I've had 13 years of auditions".

Lyon is wide considered the favourite to beryllium Carlton's adjacent elder manager aft David Teague was dismissed with a twelvemonth to tally connected his deal, but could person a combat connected his hands to triumph the job.

According to The Age's Caroline Wilson, former North Melbourne manager Brad Scott could besides beryllium successful the moving for the relation and has been sounded retired by Blues' Head of Football, Brad Lloyd.

While Lyon admitted that helium was "interested" successful the process, helium revealed he'd reached retired to recently-appointed Blues president Luke Sayers for "clarity" connected what precisely the process would entail.

Ross Lyon believes his 13-year vocation with St Kilda and Fremantle is impervious capable of his coaching chops (Getty)

On Wednesday, Carlton unveiled a 'coaching subcommittee' of six individuals, including three-time premiership-winning manager David Parkin, that volition determine connected the club's adjacent elder coach.

When asked by Wilson connected Nine's Footy Classified whether helium was prepared to "fight" for the Carlton job, Lyon appeared non-committal.

"I said I'm funny successful the process and I'll listen, I'll fto the stream travel and spot what pops out, and I'm inactive waiting to perceive what it is," helium said.

"Fight for it? I deliberation astatine St Kilda I went done a monolithic process, it was sheet interviews, question and answer, a psych [evaluation], enforcement testing. I was headhunted to Fremantle and I've had 13 years of auditions.

"A batch of backgrounding has occurred and the lone crushed I knew that was due to the fact that media journalists were coming to maine and saying [Carlton] is backgrounding, and I was like, 'Really? I don't cognize why'."

According to Caroline Wilson, ex-Kangaroos manager Brad Scott could besides beryllium successful the moving for the relation (AAP)

However, contempt his evident reservations astir a lengthy interrogation process for the role, Lyon re-affirmed that helium felt helium had a level of "chemistry" with Carlton.

"It's astir chemistry and a transportation and I've said I felt there's immoderate transportation there," helium said.

"I'm assured successful my abilities. I've been to 2 clubs [and brought] taste alteration for privation of a amended word and performance.

"It's precise hard to get a radical to springiness the efforts St Kilda and Fremantle person done if you can't make a dynamic and a chemistry, that's what I would say.

"At the extremity of the day, it's up to radical to decide, it's not connected me. It's travel done my door, I haven't been retired looking for it.

"I'm truly respectful, but we're each sitting backmost watching and learning retired of this."

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