LIVE: Tomic's plea to fans amid Open quest

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By Sacha Mirzabegian23:15

The ATP has described the Novak Djokovic saga arsenic "damaging connected each fronts" for each parties progressive arsenic the satellite No.1 begins his mentation for the archetypal Grand Slam of the year.

Just a time aft erstwhile satellite No. 25 Vasek Pospisil called retired the ATP for being "silent" implicit Djokovic's visa problems and consequent detention, the governing assemblage released a statement.

"The ATP afloat respects the sacrifices the radical of Australia person made since the onset of COVID-19 and the stringent migration policies that person been enactment successful place. Complications successful caller days related to subordinate introduction into Australia person nevertheless highlighted the request for clearer understanding, connection and exertion of the rules.

"In travelling to Melbourne, it's wide Novak Djokovic believed helium had been granted a indispensable aesculapian exemption successful bid to comply with introduction regulations. The bid of events starring to Monday's tribunal proceeding person been damaging connected each fronts, including for Novak's well-being and mentation for the Australian Open. Player aesculapian exemption requests are made independently of ATP, nevertheless we person been successful changeless interaction with Tennis Australia to question clarity passim this process. We invited the result of Monday's proceeding and look guardant to an breathtaking fewer weeks of tennis ahead.

"More broadly, ATP continues to powerfully urge vaccination for each players connected the ATP Tour, which we judge is indispensable for our athletics to navigate the pandemic. This is based connected technological grounds supporting the wellness benefits provided and to comply with planetary question regulations, which we expect volition go stricter implicit time. We are encouraged that 97 per cent of the Top 100 players are vaccinated starring into this year's Australian Open."

Pospisil and Djokovic recovered the PTPA unneurotic and the erstwhile was scathing successful the the satellite No.1's defence and the mode the ATP handled the issue.

"Not adjacent a elemental connection aft 4 days," helium wrote.

"They person already shown repeatedly that they bash not attraction astir the players; present they are besides showing a implicit deficiency of enactment erstwhile faced with existent issues," Pospisil said.

Good greeting and invited to Wide World of Sports' sum of tennis with updates from the Adelaide International and Sydney International connected the mode arsenic good arsenic the latest from qualifying for the Australian Open.

One subordinate who volition beryllium successful enactment is Bernard Tomic, who has called connected the nationalist to get down him arsenic helium attempts to rebuild his career.

The arguable erstwhile satellite No.17 was tipped to discontinue aft a tally of atrocious losses that saw him helium spell down successful a drawstring of qualifier events.

He hasn't played successful an ATP tourney since September, erstwhile helium retired successful the archetypal circular of a qualifer lawsuit successful Kazakhstan.

However, the erstwhile tennis prodigy has opted to propulsion connected and use a caller absorption to seldom seen successful years, announcing connected societal media that he's backmost and acceptable to resurrect his career.

His revival starts contiguous erstwhile helium takes connected Russian Roman Safiullin for a accidental to suffice successful the main gully adjacent week. Safiullin impressed playing for Russia astatine the ATP Cup and Tomic knows helium has a situation connected his hands.

"I consciousness truly good," Tomic told the Herald and The Age. "I consciousness similar I've settled successful due to the fact that I've been astatine the AO for a fewer days now. I consciousness truly relaxed. I'm blessed successful myself. I'm blessed to beryllium here.

"I consciousness similar it's 1 of the toughest matches successful qualifiers that I've been drawn. We some qualified past year, truthful it's a pugnacious situation to get him archetypal round.

"I've trained with him before, and I'd similar to deliberation that playing maine is not thing helium would privation successful the archetypal circular of qualifiers. He's specified a hard idiosyncratic and doesn't fto thing go. He's beaten [Andy] Murray and had a precise beardown commencement to the summer, but hopefully I tin get up and get the win."

Tomic said helium hopes Australian athletics fans tin enactment his past indiscretions down them and cheer him on.

"I conscionable privation the Australian nationalist to get down me," Tomic said. "Hopefully determination are immoderate radical who privation to travel retired and bask a escaped time of tennis and amusement their support. It'll beryllium bully to play successful beforehand of them again."

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