LIVE: Novak 'grey area' sparks call for answers

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By Sacha Mirzabegian11 Jan 2022 23:35

The Czech tennis subordinate who was deported from Australia aft her visa was cancelled due to the fact that of her COVID-19 vaccination status, has expressed vexation implicit Novak Djokovic's tribunal triumph to stay successful Australia.

Doubles subordinate Renata Voracova, was granted a aesculapian exemption by Tennis Australia to vie astatine the Australian Open aft recovering from the microorganism precocious past year, similar the men's satellite No.1.

The 38-year-old had been kept successful the aforesaid deportation centre arsenic Djokovic earlier flying retired of Melbourne connected the weekend.

She said she was grilled for six hours by borderline officials with constricted ineligible assistance.

"I consciousness bully for him, that helium won [in] the court," Voracova said of Djokovic connected BBC Radio 5 Live. "[But] I consciousness a small spot frustrated for me, that the lawyers and my advisers who were determination with maine didn't use for tribunal too, but I besides recognize due to the fact that Novak hired his lawyers truthful helium had to besides wage for this. I deliberation this was the main contented wherefore I couldn't spell [to] tribunal and use for the same."

The doubles specializer said the ordeal was "really tough".

"They conscionable came to my hotel," Voracova said. "First they told maine erstwhile they came to my country that they want[ed] conscionable immoderate mentation astir my exemption, that it would instrumentality astir an hour."

But she was past told her exemption was not a valid crushed to participate Australia.

Meantime, Portuguese subordinate Joao Sousa, who takes connected Aussie Marc Polmans successful the Australian Open qualifying this afternoon, besides expressed annoyance implicit the saga.

"I respect that helium fights for what helium believes and I tin beryllium empathetic with what helium is going done successful Australia, but it's a spot selfish from him to get present arsenic the lone subordinate unvaccinated. It's pugnacious for america players to judge that".

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