Kyrgios' defiant message to media, fans

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Nick Kyrgios has continued his plea to media and fans, urging everyone not to spell truthful hard connected satellite No.1 Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic, a nine-time Australian Open champion, is warring to stay successful Australia aft arriving successful Melbourne claiming to person received a aesculapian exemption earlier his documentation was revoked.

The 34-year-old is being held astatine an migration detention edifice successful Melbourne up of a tribunal proceeding connected Monday to situation the determination to cancel his visa.

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"I'm not siding [with Djokovic], the feline is simply a quality - I conscionable privation him to beryllium treated similar a human," Kyrgios said connected his No Boundaries Podcast.

"If a chap Aussie was successful Serbia and they were successful a akin state, would we privation 1 of our chap Australians treated similar this? No.

"Would we expect our 20-time Grand Slam champion to beryllium treated similar this? No, we wouldn't.

"He's not adjacent being treated similar a quality anymore."

While Kyrgios is nary alien to anterior controversies with Djokovic – helium famously labelled the satellite No.1 a "tool" past year – helium said it was important to retrieve the Serbian star's publication to Australia, including his donation to the bushfire entreaty successful 2020.

"He's done a batch [for Australia]. When we had the bushfires, helium was supporting us," Kyrgios added.

"Most of these mean radical who are talking s--t, they didn't bash s--t for the bushfires.

Novak Djokovic of Serbia shakes hands with Nick Kyrgios successful 2017 (Getty)

"I'm definite immoderate of these radical who beryllium connected their coaches and remark each time - if they were successful his presumption - they wouldn't springiness backmost astatine all.

"When we needed help, helium was truthful keen to help."

Kyrgios besides teased the thought of facing Djokovic astatine the Australian Open if he's allowed to stay successful the country.

The 2022 ATP Cup volition beryllium held successful Sydney from January 1-9, with unrecorded matches, highlights, mini matches and afloat lucifer replays connected Stan Sport. New customers tin commencement their escaped proceedings present by visiting:

"This volition beryllium sick for him to play aft each of this, successful my sentiment arsenic an athlete, I emotion a communicative similar this successful an athlete... it volition beryllium beauteous bully to spot him," Kyrgios added.

"Imagine this... fourth-round [Australian Open] astatine Rod Laver Arena, Kyrgios-Novak.

"It would beryllium the highest-rated tennis match... it would beryllium insane. Every lucifer [of Djokovic] volition beryllium 1 of the most-watched.

"It's bully for the sport, we request fans. Tennis needs fans, views and much eyes connected the sport.

"There's going to beryllium heaps of radical watching, astir apt the most-watched Australian Open if he's playing."

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