Jen Psaki Destroys Peter Doocy And Fox’s Talking Point About Biden And The Border

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki took isolated Peter Doocy and Fox News’s talking constituent astir Biden needing to sojourn the border.


Jen Psaki gives to Peter Doocy consecutive arsenic the Fox News talking constituent of the time is Biden visiting the border, "I would accidental the erstwhile president went to the borderline astatine slightest erstwhile possibly more. How did that migration argumentation enactment out? "

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 22, 2021

Doocy kept pushing connected whether Biden thought that helium needed to the borderline for a photograph op, and Psaki responded, “He doesn’t, and I would accidental that is simply a fundamental disagreement helium has.  I would accidental the erstwhile president went to the borderline at least once, possibly more, you whitethorn cognize the numbers. How did that migration policy result? That migration policy resulted successful separating kids from their peers, gathering a border partition that is feckless and outgo billions of dollars for taxpayers. The president fundamentally disagrees and however we request to attack the immigration issue.”

Jen Psaki does a nationalist work to the American radical each clip that she blows up a bogus Fox News talking constituent connected nationalist television. Republicans are ever moving to the borderline for photo-ops, but they ne'er walk an migration betterment argumentation that solves the problem.

Republicans don’t privation to lick the borderline problem. They privation to usage the racism of borderline authorities arsenic a GOP Get Out The Vote tool. They privation to scowl and look pugnacious but bash thing successful argumentation presumption to hole a decades-long issue.

Press Secretary Psaki enactment Peter Doocy’s Fox News lies successful their spot and reminded everyone that visiting the borderline isn’t the aforesaid arsenic an existent migration argumentation beyond racist demagoguery.

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