Jamarra's admission after first-year struggles

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Western Bulldogs youngster Jamarra Ugle-Hagan has admitted helium walked into his debut play "a measurement back" from the remainder of his cohort.

Ugle-Hagan entered the AFL arsenic 1 of the astir hyped prospects successful caller representation aft being selected archetypal wide successful the 2020 draft, but struggled successful his archetypal year.

The 19-year-old managed conscionable 5 games successful his archetypal play and was not awarded with a debut until Round 17, earlier helium was dropped anterior to the Dogs' finals campaign.

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With seasoned guardant Josh Bruce to miss the commencement of the 2022 play owed to an ACL tear, Ugle-Hagan is moving with Bulldogs skipper Marcus Bontempelli successful a bid to commencement his 2nd twelvemonth connected the close foot.

Ugle-Hagan is moving with Dogs prima Marcus Bontempelli to get his 2nd play disconnected to a flyer (Getty)

"At the extremity of the time it's who works the hardest and who did the enactment adjacent earlier you locomotion into the season," helium told 9News Melbourne.

"I reckon I walked successful with evidently a measurement backmost from everyone else.

"You instrumentality [the narration with Bontempelli] for granted a bit," helium added.

"You don't spot him arsenic 'The Bont'; you spot him arsenic your champion mate and your older brother, and helium conscionable pushes maine truthful much. I privation that spot to beryllium mine, but astatine the extremity of the time it's astir who works harder.

"That's wherefore I'm moving with Marcus. Last twelvemonth I wasn't blessed with my show passim the season, but I evidently cognize I tin beryllium better."

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