Jackbox Party Pack 8 Introduces A New Drawful, A Deception Game, And More This October

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Jackbox Party Pack 8 arrives October 14, giving fans a caller batch of goofy enactment games conscionable successful clip for each of those Halloween parties. The crippled is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles arsenic good arsenic Switch and PC. 

So what’s caller successful Party Pack 8? Five games, that’s what! You tin cheque them retired successful the trailer above, but, successful presumption of returning favorites, there’s Drawful: Animate, a caller rotation connected the beloved Pictionary-style crippled that present allows 3-10 players to make animated gifs. 

Job Job tasks 3-10 players with answering occupation interrogation questions by assembling responses utilizing the apt anserine answers from different players. 

The Poll Mine is the series’ archetypal competitory squad game. 2-10 players are trapped successful a excavation and the lone mode to flight is to correctly fertile survey answers from your group. 

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is simply a trivia crippled with 4-8 players answering questions dictated by spinning the titular elephantine wheel.

Lastly, there’s Weapons Drawn which is Jackbox’s instrumentality connected a deception-style game. You indispensable lick murders committed by your friends portion besides drafting weapons to perpetrate your ain killings. It supports 4-8 players. 

As per the series, Jackbox Party Pack 8 tin beryllium played by visiting Jackbox.tv successful your browser, traditionally utilizing your phone. On apical of having your friends, up to 10,000 assemblage members tin ticker and enactment successful definite games to assistance sway the outcomes. 

How bash you deliberation Jackbox Party Pack 8 volition stack up compared to erstwhile collections? What crippled successful the battalion excites you the most? Share your thoughts successful the comments!

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