Institut Universitaire des Grandes coles des Tropiques (IUGET) gets DASCA Accreditation

Institut Universitaire des Grandes  coles des Tropiques (IUGET) gets DASCA Accreditation

Cameroon is at the forefront of a significant data revolution in Central Africa, with big data driving innovation, informing decision-making, and fueling economic growth. This has established the country as a recognized hub for data science professionals, with recognition from both the public and private sectors. However, the demand for skilled big data professionals in Africa surpasses the available talent and data resources. In pursuit of excellence and the objective of equipping students with industry-demanded knowledge and expertise, the Institut Universitaire des Grandes coles des Tropiques (IUGET) in Douala has obtained accreditation from the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) for their bachelor's in computer engineering and bachelor's in electrical and Electronics Engineering programs on December 21, 2023. First institution in Cameroon to get DASCA accredited, IUGET is committed to equipping students in Cameroon and across Africa with cutting-edge data engineering skills to meet the growing demand and challenges of the big data industry.

Explaining the DASCA accreditation, Dr. Joseph NGUEPI, President of IUGET, says, This global acknowledgment not only reaffirms IUGET's dedication to equipping our students for the vanguard of the data revolution but also cements our standing as a pioneering institution in the promotion of data-driven innovation and economic development, both within Central Africa and on a broader international scale.

Aariya Goel, Managing Director & Global Head of Accreditation Projects under the World Data Science Initiative, reckons, The commitment showed by IUGET to keep pace with the changing technology and prime students with the latest big data skills in demand is incredible. IUGET will now be able to align its technology, computer science, and business degree programs with DASCA's data science standards and knowledge frameworks to ensure that students receive industry-recognized education.

DASCA accreditation facilitates the alignment of professional degree programs in technology schools, computer science departments at universities, and business schools with DASCA's vendor-neutral data science standards and knowledge frameworks. This alignment enhances the educational experience for students and improves their prospects for employability. DASCA's accreditation process, following the Baldrige model, centers on teaching excellence, student learning outcomes, and continuous improvement. The accreditation philosophy is student-centric, ensuring students gain valuable skills. DASCA-accredited institutions commit to continuous improvement, delivering graduates the skills demanded by employers and the industry. IUGET is committed to equipping its students with DASCA's Big Data Engineering certifications, enhancing their professional credibility and global exposure in the evolving field of data science and technology.

About the Institut Universitaire des Grandes coles des Tropiques (IUGET)

IUGET, a privately-run institution focusing on technological and tertiary education, is granted authorization by the Ministry of Higher Education and operates under the guidance of the Universities of Douala and Bamenda. Over the course of a decade, it has dedicated itself to serving the youth, achieving a remarkable 90% success rate in a variety of examinations, including HND, Bachelor's, and Master's programs. The institution's aspiration is to evolve into a hub for academic excellence, innovation, research, and development, acting as a vital link between education and entrepreneurship. IUGET is driven by a mission to provide forward-looking, high-quality education that addresses the challenges of the contemporary world, thereby offering students the optimal opportunities to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.


DASCA's efforts, including initiatives, standards, knowledge frameworks, certifications, and accreditation mechanisms, are instrumental in defining the trajectory of education, learning, and professional development in data science. DASCA plans to finalize over 200 projects by 2025. World Data Science Initiative recommendations qualify many of these institutions for expedited and subsidized accreditation. DASCA certifications emerge as the paramount qualifications for Data Science professionals worldwide, characterized by platform neutrality and vendor independence, seamlessly integrating with the specialization requirements for career-critical skills.

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