It's 2021 And VVVVVV Is Still Getting Updates

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Yes. You work the header right. Terry Cavanaugh’s 2010 crippled VVVVVV has received a caller update successful 2021. It’s been implicit 7 years since the crippled saw a patch, truthful wherefore now?

Early past year, Cavanaugh made the root codification for VVVVVV nationalist and fto radical messiness astir with the game. As a effect of opening up the game, update 2.3 features galore changes, each of which are linked successful Cavanaugh’s blog astir the release. While this is an authoritative merchandise for the game, its creator didn’t bash astir of the enactment connected the newest mentation but was the gatekeeper for what made it in.

“I’ve personally added very, precise small to this update – which is thing that I consciousness possibly a small anxious about! But I’ve been precise careful to marque definite that each alteration is thing I was blessed with, and that nary of the changes to the crippled were doing thing different than making this the champion mentation of the 2010 game,” said Cavanaugh astir the project.

While determination are a clump of changes to the game, here’s what stands out to Cavanaugh arsenic cardinal changes:

  • 60-plus FPS support
  • Improved graphical options (Including VSync and an enactment to give the substance a achromatic outline for amended visibility)
  • New features successful the level editor
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

VVVVVV is simply a puzzle platformer wherever cute little smiley guy Captain Veridian navigates a maze-like satellite to find his missing crew. Veridian flips the propulsion of gravity to wide obstacles similar pits oregon deadly spikes, the second of which spells instant decease with the slightest touch. The satellite is unforgiving, but it's amusive uncovering perfect paths done unsafe rooms. Cavanaugh whitethorn beryllium much celebrated for his enactment connected Super Hexagon or, astir recently, Dicey Dungeons, but VVVVVV is 1 of my favourite indie platformers, and its soundtrack is 1 of my all-time favorites.

If you haven't tried VVVVVV and bask a stiff challenge, cheque it out, especially with the "best mentation of the 2010 game" present available. Grab a transcript connected PlayStation 4, Switch, 3DS, iOS, Android, or PC, but support successful caput the caller update is lone disposable done Steam oregon 

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