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Not since Kostya Tszyu's crushing triumph implicit Zab Judah successful 2001 oregon Lionel Rose's decision of Fighting Haruda astatine Tokyo's Nippon Budokan successful 1968, has an Australian boxer scored specified an awesome away-from-home victory.

Yet contempt George Kambosos Jr shocking the satellite connected Sunday (AEDT) with his divided determination win, Australian boxing fable Jeff Fenech was stunned by the deficiency of fanfare backmost home.

"George's show was up determination with top Australian sporting achievements of each time," Fenech told Wide World of Sports successful the aftermath of the fight.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 27: George Kambosos punches Teofimo Lopez during their title bout for Lopezs Undisputed Lightweight rubric astatine The Hulu Theater astatine Madison Square Garden connected November 27, 2021 successful New York, New York. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) (Getty)

"This is header news. I'm watching now, he's not connected immoderate of the channels (leading quality bulletins).

"Listen he's conscionable done what cipher thought helium could do. And I'm 1 of those guys. I said it was the hardest occupation ever."

While Tim Tszyu has grown into a media darling disconnected the backmost of an awesome 20-0 commencement to his nonrecreational career, Kambosos' sanction was seldom mentioned successful dispatches earlier the pb up to this fight. Granted helium hasn't fought locally since 2017, alternatively choosing to instrumentality connected the champion successful their backyards overseas. The caller satellite champion's grounds laid retired his champion qualities earlier helium was one, but the designation ne'er came.

Leading into the Lopez fight, reports revealed the 28-year-old from Sydney's southbound had clashed with immoderate sections of the Australian boxing media successful the past, with suggestions that whitethorn person led to his deficiency of exposure. However, that should not get successful the mode of celebrating Kambosos' immense accomplishment erstwhile helium returns location from New York, says Fenech.

George Kambosos Jr shocked the world. (Getty)

"He's precise outspoken. I've tried to person a speech to him erstwhile and helium gave maine a mouthful," helium added. "You request the boxing radical connected your side.

"If this happened to anyone else, immoderate different combatant successful the world, they'd springiness them a ticker-tape parade erstwhile helium gets home.

"I anticipation George gets 1 due to the fact that helium f---n deserves one. Write that.

"This kid deserves a parade."

Kambosos' triumph was big. Really big. To question to New York to instrumentality connected the champion successful his location authorities and to travel distant victorious seldom happens.

From what I tin remember, the past combatant to question to the United States for a boxing rubric combat was Jeff Horn successful 2018, erstwhile helium was cleaned up by Terence Crawford, who made a mockery of the Queenslander successful Nevada to snatch his WBO welterweight crown.

Kambosos knocks down Lopez

Tszyu's stunning triumph implicit Zab Judah astatine the MGM Grand successful 2001, making him the undisputed airy welterweight champion, is surely a contender on with Rose's gritty triumph successful Japan.

Some of the conjecture online suggested Horn's 2017 triumph implicit Manny Pacquiao astatine Suncorp Stadium held much value wrong the annals of Australian boxing history, but Fenech scoffed astatine specified a claim.

"They privation to speech astir Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao," helium said. "Horn fought an aged man. George went into the lion's den and came retired connected top.

"George won it. No trainer, we could springiness everybody recognition but George won it due to the fact that George wanted to win.

"He had opportunities successful the tenth circular to fto it slip. He could person said this feline is going to travel retired and termination maine successful the eleventh.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 27: Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos speech aft their title bout for Lopezs Undisputed Lightweight rubric astatine The Hulu Theater astatine Madison Square Garden connected November 27, 2021 successful New York, New York. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) (Getty)

"But his mindset didn't fto that happen. His mindset said 'I'm going to spell and triumph the eleventh round' and helium did."

There's nary uncertainty Kambosos is present the astir accomplished existent Australian fighter, with respective Aussies making their people connected the satellite stage.

Kambosos has 3 of the 4 lightweight belts, with the WBC regular loop the lone 1 missing from his postulation to go undisputed champion.

American Devin Haney holds the regular WBC belt, and has expressed involvement successful warring Kambosos successful the caller twelvemonth for the undisputed title, though helium has to bushed Joseph Diaz Jr this week to marque it happen.

Others that are successful the representation see awesome Americans Gervonta Davis and Ryan Grarcia astatine 135 pounds.

The Australian is simply a broadcast escaped cause and has plentifulness of flexibility erstwhile considering his adjacent fight, meaning a combat connected Australian ungraded could beryllium connected the cards.

"I deliberation he's going to beryllium back, instrumentality a small clip disconnected and bask the victory," his promoter Lou DiBella told ESPN. "Then we're going to fig retired the biggest combat we tin make."

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