How To Create An Eye-Catching Press Release

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Writing a press release format is actually fairly straightforward. The trick is in choosing the right words to express your message and inspiring the reader to want to read more.


On the left side of the page, write your company's name, contact details and website.

On the right side of the page, write a headline for your press release example. A good way to start thinking about headlines is by asking yourself: What do I want people to know when they read this?

The headline should be short but impactful—it should get people's attention and make them want more information about what you have to say (and hopefully buy something from you!). If possible, try to keep it under 200 words or less so that it doesn't distract from reading any further into your release!

Dateline and headline

The dateline is the city where the event took place.

The headline is the main point of your press release. It should be short and to the point, written in active voice with present tense verbs.


The body of your news release example should be easy to read, with active verbs and simple, clear language. You can use short sentences and bullet points to make it easier for the reader to understand what you're saying.


Boilerplate is the standard text that is used in all press releases. It should be short and to the point, but with enough information for readers to understand what's being said.

  • The boilerplate should be consistent across all your media release example. If you've written one, then you can use that boilerplate text in future ones without having to change anything!

Writing a press release is actually fairly straightforward.

Writing a press release is actually fairly straightforward. You should start by coming up with the headline and body of your sample press release template, then add in boilerplate at the end.

  • Headline: This should be a statement that grabs attention, but doesn’t give away too much information.

  • Body: In this section you want to provide as much detail as possible about what your company does or offers (and why customers should care). For example: “We are an internet marketing company specializing in helping small businesses grow their online presence through social media marketing campaigns."

  • Boilerplate: This section contains key information like contact information and legal disclaimers (if any).


As you can see, writing a event press release template is actually fairly straightforward. It’s not rocket science, and writing one doesn’t take much time or effort at all. The key is to get started with these tips and tricks for creating an eye-catching one that will help you get your message out there in front of potential reporters who might be interested in talking with you about your product or service. So if it sounds like something that would fit well into whatever type of media outlet’s newsroom or blog post section—do it!

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