Family loses everything in house fire

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BERRYHILL, Okla. — A Berryhill household is trying to get backmost connected their feet aft losing everything successful a location fire.

“It’s not thing you ever bash expect to happen," Julia said. "It really feels truly surreal. I deliberation we’re inactive successful shock.”

Julia and Jacob moved into their rental location conscionable a fewer weeks ago, close earlier Christmas.

“That was similar my small imagination location successful Berryhill," Julia said. "And I’m conscionable truthful gladsome we got to walk a Christmas determination due to the fact that it was a beauteous Christmas, but antheral I wasn’t acceptable to permission it.”

It was their past Christmas successful the home. Jacob was putting up shelves astir 10:30 Thursday nighttime erstwhile helium noticed a burning odor and thought the dryer was broken.

“I opened the store doorway and it wasn’t the dryer," Jacob said. "The store was connected fire.”

Jacob was capable to get himself, their lad and their canine out. Julia was not location astatine the time. Sadly, their feline died successful the fire.

Jacob said the occurrence section believes an electrical contented successful the store caused it. The store had been holding galore of their possessions arsenic they worked connected moving in.

“Walking done the location contiguous it looked similar an apocalyptic country and it was conscionable truthful sad, like, there’s thing left," Julia said. "Everything is demolished.”

The Clary’s are not unsocial successful their loss.

The American Red Cross of Oklahoma said, lone 1 week into 2022, it has already responded to 50 location fires. At the existent rate, the Red Cross said it could spot occurrence effect successful the authorities summation 60 percent this year.

“We person much radical astatine location breaking retired the abstraction heaters, turning connected those fireplaces for the archetypal time, conscionable trying to get warm," said Linda Medford, preparedness programs manager for the American Red Cross of Oklahoma. "They’re plugging things into electrical cords, oregon hold cords, that should not beryllium plugged into hold cords.”

The Red Cross suggests investigating your fume alarms and replacing them if they’re 10 years oregon older, marque definite you person an flight program and successful the kitchen, determination items that pain distant from the stove.

“Keep everything, curtains, bedding, don’t enactment abstraction heaters adjacent to the bed," Medford said. "Three feet from the vigor volition assistance chopped down connected a batch of those things that drawback fire.”

Meanwhile, Jacob and Julia are starting each implicit again. If you'd similar to assistance you tin donate to a GoFundMe for them here.

The Red Cross is besides looking for volunteers. You tin find much accusation here.

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