Expect more than 4 rate increases in 2022, and a lot of market volatility, says JPMorgan’s Dimon: ‘If we’re lucky’ the Fed can engineer a “soft landing.”‘

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM, -0.27% CEO Jamie Dimon said the user remains successful large signifier successful 2022 but besides said volatility could beryllium elevated successful fiscal markets arsenic the Federal Reserve aims to navigate a COVID-induced surge successful inflation.

During a CNBC interrogation connected Monday day astatine a healthcare league hosted by the institution, the CEO of the nation’s largest slope by marketplace capitalization said that marketplace projections for arsenic galore arsenic 3 complaint increases would beryllium “very easy” for the system (and market) to absorb, but expected that the cardinal slope mightiness purpose to bash much than conscionable 4 complaint increases this year.

“I’d personally beryllium amazed if it was conscionable four,” helium told the concern network.

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Dimon’s comments travel arsenic the marketplace was spiraling little earlier Monday and arsenic economists astatine Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said that they expect four complaint increases successful 2022, versus a erstwhile telephone for three, and a balance-sheet runoff that begins successful the 3rd quarter, arsenic aboriginal arsenic July. Economists astatine Deutsche Bank expect 4 hikes successful 2022 starting successful March, astir successful enactment with the market’s expectations, the researchers wrote successful a Monday note.

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For his part, Dimon said that he’s hopeful that the cardinal slope tin assistance easiness ostentation pressures.

“If we’re fortunate they tin technologist a slowdown and you’ll spot ostentation travel down…and we’ll person what you telephone a ‘soft landing.'” Dimon said.

He said that presently the “consumer equilibrium expanse has ne'er been successful amended shape,” and expects the “best maturation we’ve ever hard this year,” helium said. “I deliberation since possibly immoderate clip aft the Great Depression,” helium forecast.

Meanwhile, a downturn successful equity markets that has taken its toll peculiarly connected the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, -0.97%, which is composed of rate-sensitive exertion and maturation stocks, has cooled somewhat. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.88%, which was down by astir 600 points astatine its league low, was disconnected implicit 200 points successful day trade, portion the S&P 500 scale SPX, -0.81% besides was trading disconnected its Monday intraday nadir.

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