Ethan Hawke thought Robin Williams 'hated' him on set of 'Dead Poet's Society'

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(CNN)Ethan Hawke remembered moving connected 1989's "Dead Poets Society" with Robin Williams during a code astatine the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, wherever helium picked up the President's Award.

"I thought Robin hated me. He had a wont of making a ton of jokes connected set. At 18, I recovered that incredibly irritating. He wouldn't halt and I wouldn't laughter astatine thing helium did," helium told the assemblage according to Variety.

But the 2 ended up being friends, aft Williams acceptable Hawke up with his archetypal agent.

    "He called, saying, 'Robin Williams says you are going to bash truly well.' There was this country successful the movie erstwhile helium makes maine spontaneously marque up a poem successful beforehand of the class. He made this gag astatine the extremity of it, saying that helium recovered maine intimidating. I thought it was a joke. As I get older, I recognize determination is thing intimidating astir young people's earnestness, their intensity. It is intimidating -- to beryllium the idiosyncratic they deliberation you are. Robin was that for me," Hawke added.

      Hawke besides talked astir his vocation arsenic a novelist, histrion and manager saying, "Once I started doing immoderate directing, my respect for acting went up."

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