Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Incite Riots Over Vaccine Mandates

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Donald Trump Jr. called the American radical sheep and truly seemed to privation riots successful the streets implicit vaccine mandates.


Jr. seems upset that determination aren’t riots against vaccine mandates successful the US

— Acyn (@Acyn) November 28, 2021

Trump Jr. said connected Fox News, “You don’t perceive what’s going connected arsenic it relates to the riots successful Europe present against the vaccine mandates due to the fact that our media wants to artifact that out. They’re going to marque definite that you don’t perceive astir it due to the fact that they don’t privation you getting those kinds of ideas that state whitethorn really beryllium successful immoderate parts of the world. I mean, Europe is pushing back, and America is sitting determination similar sheep. Oh, you know, this is great. We’ll conscionable spell on with you cognize what these guys who’ve gotten thing close implicit these past 2 years archer us.”

Donald Trump Jr. seemed to beryllium trying to incite riots successful the streets implicit the vaccine. In different words, Trump Jr. wants unvaccinated radical to stitchery unneurotic successful adjacent proximity wherever they could perchance drawback COVID arsenic a signifier of protestation against vaccine mandates.

The Trumps request violence, discontent, and choler to instrumentality to power. If by 2024, America is blessed with the occupation that Biden has done, they are apt to reelect him.

Donald Trump Jr. wants riots, arsenic sidesplitting their ain supporters appears to beryllium his family’s desired way backmost to the White House.

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