Czech authorities demand answers as player detained by Australian Border Force

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Veteran Czech Republic tennis subordinate Renata Voracova has been detained by Australian Border Force officials and had her visa revoked conscionable days earlier the Australian Open.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to Wide World of Sport connected Friday nighttime that 38-year-old Voracova was being held astatine the aforesaid Melbourne migration detention edifice arsenic Djokovic, who is contesting his revoked visa successful a tribunal proceeding acceptable for Monday morning.

It is understood she had entered Australia with a vaccine exemption connected the ground she had been infected with COVID-19 successful the past six months, the aforesaid crushed utilized by men's satellite No.1 Novak Djokovic, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

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Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic returns a shot. (AP)

"According to our information, she has proven non-infectious presumption successful a mode that entitles her to enactment successful the tournament. She has adjacent played 1 match. For this reason, we person lodged a protestation enactment with the Australian authorities done the Embassy successful Canberra, asking them to explicate the situation," Czech overseas affairs spokeswoman Aneta Kovářová told Wide World of Sports.

Voracova volition not situation her visa being revoked and volition permission the state without competing successful the Australian Open, Ms Kovarova said, "due to the constricted anticipation of training".

The ABF confirmed to Wide World of Sports connected Friday nighttime that it had completed its probe into the visa presumption of "two different individuals connected to the Australian Open".

One of those radical is believed to beryllium Voracova. The different is reportedly a tourney official, who is believed to person entered the state utilizing the aforesaid vaccine exemption.

"The ABF tin corroborate that 1 idiosyncratic has voluntarily departed Australia pursuing ABF inquiries," the spokesperson said.

Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic plays a forehand. (Getty)

Voracova had been competing successful Australia successful the lead-up to the Open adjacent week.

She is presently ranked satellite No.81 successful doubles and has a vocation precocious singles satellite ranking of 74.

She has won 11 WTA doubles titles arsenic good arsenic 15 singles and 56 doubles titles connected the ITF Circuit.

The saga surrounding Djokovic's attempted introduction into Australia has sparked fierce debate.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the grounds Djokovic had relied connected for a aesculapian exemption to participate Australia without being vaccinated was insufficient.

"He did not person a valid aesculapian exemption," Mr Morrison said.

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Unless a tribunal overturns the decision, Djokovic volition miss the accidental to go the astir expansive slam winning men's subordinate successful history.

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