Bowling gamble pays off for rampant Aussies

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Australia's assertive bowling strategy paid immense dividends connected a fantastic archetypal time of the Boxing Day Test, masterfully exploiting a hesitancy successful the English ranks to play shots.

The quicks were nonstop and astatine the wickets for the astir part, forcing shots from the visitors successful an innings that saw 9 of 10 batters dismissed via a catch, and the different LBW.

"We tried to support it truly afloat successful the archetypal session. We tried to support the stumps successful play arsenic overmuch arsenic possible," debutant Scott Boland said aft time one.

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"Their batters were beauteous conscious of wanting to permission the ball, truthful we conscionable tried to support attacking them arsenic overmuch arsenic we could."

Although Boland bowled aggressively towards the English apical order, helium was made to hold a fewer hours earlier yet getting his archetypal wicket erstwhile helium trapped Mark Wood LBW.

Scott Boland is mobbed by his teammates aft his breakthrough Test wicket. (Getty)

"The lone happening I was benignant of doubting was if it was bouncing over, but the guys down the wicket were definite it was hitting the stumps," helium said.

Boland said helium was assured the shot deed the pad first, contempt a lengthy reappraisal to find the archetypal constituent of contact. 

He added a bully drawback successful the heavy aboriginal connected (his 2nd of the day), successful what was a coagulated archetypal time with his caller baggy green, presented to him that greeting by injured speedy Josh Hazlewood. 

Boxing Day Test begins

"It was a truly peculiar infinitesimal this morning, getting my baggy greenish disconnected Josh Hazlewood. Even though I'm older than him, he's astir apt idiosyncratic that arsenic a bowler, I look up to," Boland said.

"To get the headdress disconnected him was truly nice, and to person my household determination with maine was truly special." 

Boland spoke of the pridefulness helium felt successful becoming conscionable the 2nd antheral of Indigenous descent to play Test cricket, aft Jason Gillespie. 

"It means a batch to articulation a beauteous tiny club, and hopefully it's conscionable the commencement of thing large for the Indigenous assemblage with cricket," helium said.

"The Indigenous communities successful AFL and rugby are truthful big, hopefully 1 time the Aboriginals successful cricket tin beryllium conscionable arsenic big."

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