2021 tech events, summits and conferences to add to your calendar

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The 2021 league play is going to beryllium a unusual one, with galore events inactive TBA oregon online lone owed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The 2020 league play was implicit astir earlier it began. COVID-19 shuttered galore large tech events, and galore readying to relaunch aboriginal successful 2020 ended up cancelling altogether. This database of tech events successful 2021 volition look rather antithetic arsenic a result.

Many events person yet to denote dates, and with bully reason: The coronavirus pandemic is leaving 2021 shrouded successful uncertainty and announcing dates present could effect successful different atrocious investment. 

Those events that person been announced for 2021 are here, but beryllium definite to cheque this database regularly for updates. Some organizations that big lawsuit bid haven't released immoderate dates, but inactive program to bash so. If you don't spot a peculiar lawsuit connected this list, cheque with its host; for instance, immoderate organizations said they're improbable to instrumentality to immoderate benignant of in-person event. Also, cheque retired the TechRepublic listing the 2022 tech conferences and events.

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