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Unemployment Rockets 360 Percent In NY Amid Coronavirus

NEW YORK CITY — Unemployment figures in the U.S. rocketed to 6.6 million in the most recent week counted, more than doubling the number the week before as more and more businesses lay off or furlough workers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.
In New York state, the number of people filing for unemployment in the week ending March 28 was 366,403. That's 286,404 more people out of work than the week before, Department of Labor statistics show.
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The state's biggest job losses have come in the hospitality, arts and recreation industries, the department's report shows.

The Associated Press reported that economies in the U.S. and abroad have almost certainly sunk into a severe recession.
Last week, the Department of Labor's first report since the coronavirus crisis hit the U.S. showed 3.3 million people had filed for unemployment. That number — which has now doubled — was 400 percent higher than the previous record of 695,000 set in 1982.
It came as state's across the nation began to tell their citizens to stay at home and closed down restaurants, bars and other places where people congregate.
The AP reported that some of the most recent week's filings were actually people laid off from the previous week, but they were unable to claim unemployment then because offices were so overwhelmed by applicants.
The AP said some economists are forecasting that as many as 20 million jobs could be lost by the end of April.
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