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Bitdeal Reveals Ideas to Make Money From Home During Covid-19 Lockdowm

Bitdeal the leading cryptocurrency exchange development & consulting services company, reveal the exclusive tips and ideas to make money from home during this coronavirus lockdown. 

We all know, Coronavirus is making a huge medical emergency all over the world and have created a pandemic situation which made all of us to stay at home.  Apart from the wellfare of civilization, this infectious virus created a economy fall down around the globe. Employees of many MNC's are instrcuted work from home, and some low level companies are not able to provide even the work from home, so many people are became jobless and are suffering for thier financial needs. 

In this siuation many went for other options to make money from home, and they tend to surfer online services which can provide them a temporary earnings. 

By understanding the situation, bitdeal gives a set of excluisve business ideas based on cyrptocurrencies, that could work even after the lockdown. 

Here are the 11 cryptocurrency business ideas that can help you to make money from home during coronavirus lockdown.

1. Buying and Holding

It is a kind of process which involves buying any cryptocurrency and holding it until it prices rises. 

  1. 2. Buying and Holding For Dividends

  2. It is a kind of the sames process as abovem but it is for a new cyrptocurrency in order to increase the credibility of the cyrpto coin by increasing the holding counts. 

  3. 3. Staking
Staking is the compination of both the above process. But, this process would be done only for the cryptocurrencies which allowed their customers to hold the crypto assets and sent rewards based on the holdings. 

  1. 4. Day Trading
  2. For the above three method, you don't have to work much. But, for this a person have some efficient knowledger in analysing the fluctuation of bitcoin price. 

  3. 5. Microtasks Completion
  4. This is a process of contributing to a cryptocurrency network via completing some micro tasks they have allowed for the user end. The tasks may be like app downloading, online surveys, watching online videos.

  5. 6. Create Masternode

  6. A master node is a computer devices or a wallet storge that keeps tracking the entire copy of a cryptocurrency’s transaction inside a blockchain network. Creating such kind of master nodes will provide you a huge earning, even after the lockdown.

  7. 7. Cryptocurrency MLM

  8. Joining to a MLM network can help a person to earn a significant profit without requiring much technical knowledger, but, the MLM should be work basis on smart contracts.
  10. 8. Work for a Cryptocurrency

  11. This is kind of technical contribution to a cryptocurrency network in terms of testing, debugging, designing with the conditions described by the network.

  12. 9. Accept bitcoin as a payment if you are merchant or supermarket 

  13. Accepting payment through bitcoins can help you to sell those bitcoins when the price surges.

  14. 10. Write Cryptocurrency Blogs on Approved Sites
Writing tech blogs on cryptocurrency article sites, which would provide you payment through bitcoins.

  1. 11. Cryptocurrency Faucets
Faucets are another simplest way to earn bitcoins, by completing very small tasks like clearing the captcha's. 

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