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New York's Stay-At-Home Order Goes Into Effect

NEW YORK CITY — New York's statewide stay-at-home order went into effect 8 p.m. Sunday, marking the beginning of officials' most aggressive effort to date to curb the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new New York coronavirus.
The "New York State on PAUSE" order limits outdoor activity to the essentials, like grocery shopping and getting medication, and requires New Yorkers to cancel all non-essential gatherings and stay at least six feet away from others when out in public.  New York News
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the act could remain in effect for months.

Coronavirus Stay-At Home Order In NY: What Does It Mean

New Yorkers over the age of 70 or anyone with underlying health conditions or a compromised immune system face the strictest rules.
"We have to do it," Cuomo said when he announced the order. "Everyone has personal liberty. But everyone has a responsibility to everyone else."
The order went into effect as the city's New York COVID-19 death toll hit 99 and the number of confirmed cases reached 10,764, according to data released by the city health department Sunday night. At least 1,800 people are hospitalized, 450 of which are in intensive care units. New York Distribution Services

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